Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer's Top 150: Supervision & Performance Management

I know, I know. This "dump post" includes way too many articles. But the topic is soooo important!
  1. Three Questions for Potential Managers to Ask Themselves
  2. New Managers: Alone and Out of Their Depths
  3. Middle Managers: The Meat in the Sandwich
  4. Caring for Your People: Part of the Boss's Job
  5. The Penny Challenge
  6. How to Have More Productive Performance Appraisals
  7. The Dreaded Performance Review
  8. Straight Talk in a Slump
  9. What Leaders Can Learn from a Doctor About How to Deliver Bad News
  10. 7 Mistakes Bosses Make When Giving Criticism
  11. Ask Three Questions to Clarify Expectations
  12. Managers Who Coach Ask Questions That Enlighten
  13. Managers Who Coach: Overcome Dependency
  14. Develop Outstanding Employees Utilizing Effective Feedback
  15. Better Mentoring
  16. Adding a few points to Seth on leadership
  17. How To Inaugurate Effectiveness In Your Project Team
  18. If You Want Accountability, You Must Grant Authority
  19. It’s Not About FINDING Talent. It’s about IDENTIFYING and TAPPING What You Already Have
  20. Promotions and job fit
  21. What Alienates Top Performers
  22. Rewarded Employees Work Harder
  23. The Art of Giving Praise
  24. Leading Clever People
  25. Nine Ways to Identify Natural Leaders
  26. How to Identify Your Employees' Hidden Talents
  27. Empowering Leaders: Hand Over Your Keys
  28. Handling Quit-and-Stays
  29. Problem children: Dealing with whiney, crybaby malcontents in your ranks
  30. Management Interview Questions and Answers
  31. What makes a good boss?
  32. Stop Demotivating Me!
  33. Leadership: Intentional Influence
  34. Does Your Do Match Your Tell?
  35. How to Handle the Pessimist on Your Team

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