Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer's Top 150: Miscellaneous

A bit of everything today...

Henry Mintzberg, my all-time favourite management author, released his new book "Managing" this summer, and it's starting to get some attention. See here, here and here - or this video interview.

  1. Why new hires fail - here are the causes
  2. Do not conduct Exit Interviews
  3. How to Fix Succession Planning

  1. Did You Know 4.0 (Fall 200
  2. A No Bulls*#% Manager's Guide to Internet Use at Work
  3. 9 Hidden Benefits of Blogging

  1. Steve Cunningham has a neat website where he summarizes in a short video the key points of the management books he reads. Here's one I liked.
  2. Self-Coaching Guides: Communication, Leadership, Motivation
  3. 10 Free Leadership Video Sites

  1. Idea Killer B.I.N.G.O.
  2. Idiots from Corporate II
  3. The worst part of work
  4. Does Facebook Flunk Your Performance Review?
  5. Manager Achieves Full Mastery Of Pointless Managerial Jargon
  6. Staff strip naked to improve morale
  7. Employee Engagement Humor Video: Belgium versus Japanese Office
  8. The Words You Wear

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steve cunningham said...

Thanks for including me in this great list! I'm adding some of these links to my Google Reader right now. I hope all is well out in Vancouver.