Sunday, June 14, 2009

Awesome Reading Recommendations

I've been away for the last two weeks, both for work and leisure. When I returned I had over 300 articles waiting for me in my RSS reader. I managed to process them all, and here are my top recommendations, arranged by themes:

On Staffing:
  1. Interviewing Doesn’t Work
  2. The Job Mismatch Problem - The Five Costs of the Wrong Employee In The Wrong Seat
  3. Interview questions for a Team Leader

On Thinking:
  1. Executive Behaviors, Your Boss Has No Clothes and Revolution from the Bottom
  2. Risk, Bravado and Their Consequences
  3. Change Your Thinking To Change Your Results!
  4. Being Strategic: The Antidote to Fear

On Collaboration:
  1. 8 Suggestions to Improve Your Team’s Problem Solving Skills
  2. 12 Ways To Listen
  3. The Ten Cultural Elements Of Collaboration In [Communities]
  4. Collective Intelligence (video)
  5. Toe Stepping Up The Corporate Ladder (a satire!)

On creativity and innovation:
  1. What is the True Value of Creativity to Organizations?
  2. Cultivate A Culture of Creativity
  3. The How of Innovation
  4. Twitter's Ten Rules For Radical Innovators
  5. Prospect theory, risk and innovation

On Leadership:
  1. Leadership and the Art of Apology
  2. How Do You Spot an Emerging Leader?
  3. Leading By Example & Mistaken Beliefs
  4. Leveraging Your Strengths
  5. Learning from Mistakes Takes the Right Feedback
  6. Everybody Knows About Your Weaknesses – Do You?
  7. Don’t Gamble On Your Performance Review
  8. Three Important Questions
  9. Stop Making Excuses
  10. Exert Ownership in Your Workplace
  11. The Circle of Care
  12. 8 Steps for Acting on Inspiration
  13. Culture and Engagement
  14. Rejecting the Default Culture
  15. Trauma Free Renewal
  16. 3 Paths to Development
  17. Authority, Leadership, and Truth
  18. Generals Win Battles but Sergeants Win Wars
  19. What Leaders Must Do Next

  1. Your Firm’s Values Have No Teeth
  2. Going Beyond MBA Oaths
  3. Battling it Out During Tough Times: MBAs vs. Entrepreneurs
  4. Is it Time to Sell My Management Books?
  5. 5 Reasons You Keep Getting Stuck

And my favourite quote of the week:

"If you perform at your personal best, doing everything possible to make a success of the immediate situation, then doing it as a ‘leader’ or a ‘follower’ has no meaning." (Miki Saxon)


Miki said...

Welcome back, Etienne! I'm highly complimented that you liked what I wrote enough to make it your quote of the week.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Simon Stapleton said...

Love the layout of this list. Keep this format up if you can!

Dan Oestreich said...

Thanks for including my article, "Rejecting the Default Culture" on your list. You've put together a great collection. Best to you, Etienne.