Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some "Must-Read" Posts

A short selection of the finest posts I ran into in the past week:
  1. Quiz: Does Your Work Matter to You?
  2. The System Is Broken. Will B-Schools Help Fix it?
  3. Ducks In A Row: Teams Rule (Staffing)
  4. Leaders: Frame Your Messages for Maximum Impact
  5. How To Have "Beautiful" PLC and Team Meetings: 12 Ways To Disagree
  6. 6 Networking Mistakes And How to Avoid Them
  7. How Group Decisions Go Wrong
  8. Management skills must include ‘translation’
  9. Some irrational thoughts on training and change management
  10. Culture Matters
  11. The times they are a-changin'
  12. 10 Principles of Change Management
Also, I couldn't help to read over and over this quote from the New Zealand public service's Principles for interaction with social media:
"As an agency representative: The protocols that apply when you are acting as an official representative of your agency are the same whether you are talking to the media, speaking at a conference or using social media. Good practice is to disclose your position and that you are representing your agency. You should only disclose information, make commitments or engage in activities when you are authorised to do so. You should remember that your comments will often be permanently available and able to be reproduced in other media."
Hum... where do I fit in this?

Have a good week!

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