Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Living Renewal: Comments and Feeback

Please give me your feedback about today's presentation by using the comment feature below.

Thank you!


perfj said...

I thought today's presentation was great. The idea of focusing in on one or two issues, pride and trust, resonates with me and the changes being faced by our organization. And from these, like a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripples grow.

I was also quite happy to hear some of my least favorite myths explored: change is always led from the top, a formal change program results in change, and my favorite - change is always something that someone else has to do.

Good on you Etienne!

Craig Sellars said...

Fantastic Etienne,

I liked the comments on grassroots leadership initiatives and culture. So much is written on how a single leader can alter the culture, but culture is very grassroots and evolutionary.

Thank you again Etienne.


Anonymous said...

I also found it insightful and inspiring. One question I wanted to ask at the session. Etienne spoke a lot about performance management and giving people the accountability they want. I am curious to know if there was any exodus (voluntary departures, dismissals) of prior staff through the process of reshaping the organization, or did everyone basically adapt, and gladly so, with time?