Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Performance Management, Part 3: Managing Performance

Third installment of this series of posts on performance management:
  1. The Importance of Performance Management
  2. Performance Management, Performance Reviews and Appraisals
  3. How to Think About Performance
  4. Matrix Organization Design - Don’t Go There
  5. Leading Knowledge Workers: 5 Deadly Leadership Sins To Avoid
  6. Why You Need to Tell it Like it Is
  7. Giving and Getting Great Feedback
  8. What Every Manager Should Know About Feedback
  9. Get Rid of the Performance Review
  10. Why employee performance appraisals are ineffective, sometimes?
  11. Where Jack Welch Got It Wrong - The Mandatory, Annual Low-Performer Cut
  12. Setting and Resetting Expectations
  13. The Time To Manage
  14. Six Obstacles to Extraordinary Performance
  15. Micromanagement undefined
  16. Is Micromanagement Inherent or Contextual?
  17. More Talent Management Facts
  18. Stop Sabotaging Employee Performance
  19. 5 Reasons CEO’s Get Fired
  20. Leaders Who Think They Walk on Water
  21. Beware of Setting Goals
  22. The Case Against Cutting the Bottom 10%
And in case you missed it: Performance Measurement.


usability4government said...

Accckkk - You're giving me too much too read - I need to sleep, eat and work (not necessarily in that order, although...)

Etienne Laliberté said...

Don't worry, you don't have to read them all today, they won't go away!

Most of these links have existed for months, and they're still there.

I'm just posting them all at once because I am aware of many initiatives going on right now in various departments and agencies focusing on performance management.

This "compilation" of blog postings is just my small contribution.