Sunday, February 08, 2009

Innovation and Creativity

A short but positive post today.

Here's a list of links (mostly blog posts) on creativity and innovation I found interesting:
Finally a came across this fantastic TED presentation entitled "Institutions versus collaborations". Like the best presentations showcased at TED, this one offers an enlightening spin on a somewhat familiar topic, but the ramifications go way beyond what we might think.

I have also added a little feature in the side-bar of the blog where I list my favourite TED presentations. Scroll down and check it out!


Jan van der Hoop said...

Etiennne, there's another guy you'll be interested in following - Michael Bungay-Stanier. His company is called Box of Crayons ( His stuff is all about creativity and fulfillment at work.

Tell him I say hi.

Jan van der Hoop

usability4government said...

I think William Eggers (author of Government 2.0) is also writing a book on this topic, since he spoke about it at GTEC in October. Specifically, how to institutionalize (my word) innovation in Government.