Monday, February 09, 2009

Employee Engagement

I briefly mentioned the concept of "employee engagement" in my last post, so here's a selection of my 20 favourite blog posts on the topic (in no particular order):
  1. U.S. Employee Engagement Deteriorates as Financial Crisis Worsens
  2. Kudos to Blessing White’s State of Engagement 2008 Report
  3. How employee engagement affects your organisation
  4. Morale and mood
  5. 6 Mini Employee Engagement Rants…1,2,3,4,5,6
  6. Employee Engagement: What do we need to remove?
  7. Systematically Poisoning Employee Engagement
  8. Why Engagement Sits at about 20 Percent
  9. From Disengagement to Employee Engagement in 10 Seconds
  10. The 4 top productivity drivers
  11. 5 Steps to Leading Change
  12. The five rules of engagement
  13. Engage 5
  14. Employees Who Quit, But Stay On
  15. Get rid of managers and we'll all be happier
  16. Five Signs Your Management is Destroying Employee Morale
  17. Three reasons why managers don't do people management
  18. Top management dis's the importance of managerial and supervisory skills
  19. An Asset, not a liability
  20. When It Comes To People, We Need To Start Measuring What Matters
You will also find a few more here: 10 Best Articles on Employee Engagement.

If the topic interests you, I also recommend Manager Tools for Employee Engagement. Some disarmingly simple stuff here, i.e.:
"What will the main work of a manager be for 2009?
If I were to suggest a starting point for One Small Thing, I'd recommend that Managers begin to develop habits such as:
1. Saying "good morning" to each member of the team
2. Asking each team member "how's it going?" at least once a week
3. Asking each team member "what do you think?" whenever a problem surfaces"
Finally, as a follow-up to my post on innovation and creativity, here's a a short video that will look all too familiar to some of you (thanks tom Peter Smith at Spagetthi Testing for bringing this to my attention!).


Eric said...

In my recently published book for pre-teens, Ian, the main character, struggles to understand the difference between managing and leading. I think that it would be a step in the right direction if we were to teach some of the many concepts to our youth at an early age. And in a form that they could easily understand.

All the best!
Eric Dana Hansen
Author of "IAN, CEO, North Pole"

Miki said...

Etienne, thanks for including my Five Rules Of Engagement on your list.