Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bragging Rights

I have a couple of Google Alerts programmed to warn me about mentions of my blog on the Web (check it out if you are not familiar with this neat feature).

Today I was amazed to discover someone had listed "Contrarian Thinking" as part of her "100 leading blogs on leadership"! I'm honoured since nearly all of my favourite blogs also made the list.

Speaking of which... I have been keeping track of a few dozens blogs on management and leadership for the past year, going through all the posts since their creation. In total, I estimate I have covered well over 20,000 posts.

I've been diligently keeping track of the posts I considered to be "superior". I have a list of about 350 of them, which I plan to group by topics and share with readers over the next few months. This should prove useful to many.

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