Saturday, November 08, 2008

Poll Results: My PS Renewal Priorities

From September 1 to November 5, 2008, I have administered a poll on my blog, based on a posting I made about what my PS Renewal priorities would be.

45 people took the poll. The results are shown below.

The results are pretty consistent with the ideas put forth in "An Inconvenient Renewal", the feedback I get whenever I make a presentation, and my discussions on PS Renewal with public servants:
  • Not surprisingly, 42% of respondents have chosen "making performance management a top priority";
  • It is followed closely by "making people management an overarching theme for the next five years", which was selected by 40% of the respondents.
  • We have a tie between the next two priorities, which were chosen by 36% of the respondents: "putting in place a mechanism for employees to provide input and feedback on the issues that matter to them", and "focusing on the on-boarding experience of new employees during their first year in the public service".
  • 14% have indicated that while the priorities above were good, some key one(s) were missing.
  • Only 4% (2 out of 45 respondents) said that these priorities were totally missing the point.
Is your Department or Agency taking steps towards PS Renewal that are in line with the results of this poll? Please feel free to comment below!


As you might have noticed, I am administering a new poll in which I hope to identify the top reasons for the low participation on PS Renewal-related websites (such as the ones listed here). These sites are characterized by a fairly high traffic, but the number of comments left by visitors or the use of interactive features (such as the possibility to attach documents, or recommend interesting links) is disproportionally low. Why is that?

Please take a moment to take the poll on the right hand side of this page and I will publish the result on this site.

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