Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Straight Talk

In my last posting I mentioned the importance (and emergence) of straight talk in the federal public service, such as Paquet and Hubbard do in "Cat's Eyes: Intelligent Work Versus Perverse Incentives - APEX Forum on Wicked Problems". Well, I have two more great reads to recommend.

The first is the work of one of my good friend, Deepa. She is the author of the Pacific Federal Council's "Public Service Renewal in BC: Current State and Recommendations" (available to federal public servants only). Whenever I read a document, I like to highlight the parts that resonate with me. In this case, I ran out of highlighter! The report offers a very objective and thorough look at the issues facing the federal public service in BC.

The second reading I would like to recommend is a report from Health Canada entitled "Multigenerational Workplaces Forum: The Future of the Public Service", available on the National Managers' Community website. I wish I could have attended this forum, which featured an A-class "brochette" of presenters and speakers, and the methodology used to survey the participants offers a very interesting perspective of the diversity of point of views we can find in our workplaces. This is another good excellent example of a report painting an unbiased picture of our federal public service. I have had the chance to collaborate with some of the organizers of this forum on an other event, and I can tell you that they really take to heart the value of "straight talk" and having meaningful conversations.

Once again, please take a moment to express yourself through the my poll and surveys:
  1. The one-question poll on the right-hand side of my blog: 25 people have responded to the survey so far, but surely more people than this have access to my blog!
  2. The survey on PS Renewal and Web 2.0: 37 responses so far, and I am aiming to get at least one response from each and every department and agency in the federal public service by the time I compile the results - so please forward the link to friends and colleagues!
  3. The survey on management leadership: this one I can't wait to analyze, but in order to do so I need to have a good size sample of responses - so please come and share your thoughts.
  4. And of course, there is the Bottom-Up Renewal group. Please forward to your bosses, colleagues and friends!

I am heading to Guelph to deliver a speech on "Bottom-Up Change" to a group of middle managers and take part in a panel on change management. Talk to you soon!

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