Friday, March 28, 2008

Bottom-Up Change: It Starts With An Individual

UPDATE, June 19, 2008:

If you have attended my presentation entitled “Bottom-Up Change: It Starts With An Individual”, I would very much like to get your feedback. Please feel free to leave your comments here!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Bonne chance avec ta présentation ! J'ai reçu l'invitation de l'EFPC aujourd'hui et j'étais pas mal impressionnée de voir que c'était toi qui allait être le prochain invité.

Au plaisir,

Annie S.

Tammy said...

I attended your armchair session via web conference - we had some technical difficulties with audio so I am hoping to get the chance to see your presentation again. Did the school record your presentation?

I very much liked your paper and the arguments you make so was looking forward to your presentation.

Thank you for 'howling' from the regions.

Tammy G.

Etienne Laliberté said...

Thanks for the comment Tammy. I'm aware there were some technical malfunctions with the webcast (poor sound, loss of connection). As a result, I'm already in talks with the organizers to re-record the presentation in order to make it available for viewing in the future. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

I thought your presentation was really great - a pleasant surprise! Normally these talks are dull and unimaginative -not to mention they cater to the lowest common denominator.

Well done!